Renovation! Can’t find everything you want….need?

Buyer’s are having more trouble getting everything they want or need in a new home. If they want a large yard they may have to sacrifice on the interior part of the house. The sacrifice may be accepting dated bathrooms or kitchen. However, with a little bit of effort you may be able to get just what you want. RENOVATE. Renovation mortgages are available and they are not a huge obstacle when buying a property.
Theres a few good resources in mortgage financing that can help you with this. Not every bank does them, but we can guide you in the right direction. The Renovation part won’t be a snap of the fingers, but the process for getting the renovation financing is nearly that easy. Contact me for more information.
Heres a little cheat sheet to give you a better idea of where to spend your money if you did choose to buy and then Renovate.