Wild Week on Wall Street

Well the stock market finally had the snap back that was expected for a long time. Will there be follow through to the down side. I think there will be but we’ll have some people in there continuing to buy the dips because thats what they’ve been conditioned to do.  There will be a few pops, like today, but there’s some bumps ahead. The government has hypnotized the public and the “Experts” into complacency. But when the market does have another bad week the government will come to the rescue and prop it up again. On to the Good news….

The GOOD NEWS: Oil prices have come down quite a bit and should allow us to trim our gas expenditures until next spring.

The GREAT NEWS is that the Bond market has again defied the “Experts” and has produced lower mortgage rates for us. 30 Year Fixed rates could be taken down at 3.99%. Fantastic for home buyers and those looking to refinance again.


   10 Year chart